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At the age of 28, when she started meditating, Venerable Jamyang connected with her gift of healing and subsequently trained in chakra, aura, and spiritual therapy. Tenga Rinpoche, one of her teachers belonging to the Karma Kagyu tradition, called this gift Natural Mind Healing, while Lama Zopa Rinpoche called it healing loong-disease (imbalances in the wind energy).


For Venerable Jamyang, these names complement each other, as by healing the imbalances of the subtle wind energies, the natural state of mind is reclaimed. 

Those who are suffering from loong-disease (e.g. caused by fear, worry, or panic), pain with or without a cause (e.g. nerve pain, muscle and joint pain), emotional pain, having the feeling of being stuck, restlessness and anxiety, may benefit from a healing. 

Healings can be given hands-on or integrated with spiritual advice via an online session.

Mind Healing: Welcome
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